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24 Nov: Learning Guitar in Your 20’s and the Importance of Social Media with ‘Okay, Bye’

From the top to the bottom of the bill, Sepia can be found stealing the show all across the UK and before lockdown you could also find across Europe, America and Australia. Having started on a broken laptop in his dad’s laptop Theo Bennett has really slugged it from playing any bill he could and at any time on the set (sometimes at 6am) to travelling the world with the tunes he has written. Skyn8 talked with Theo about the genesis of Sepia, influences to his sound and how he has stayed afloat as a DJ during a time of closed venues.

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19 May: Designing the Future of Alternative Music for 20 Years with Frank Maddocks

nk Maddocks’ art work is a flowing river of photography, textures and illustrations running through the alternative scene of the early 2000s and is still moving with a strong current to this day. From the incredible White Pony by Deftones, the phenomenal debut album Hybrid Theory by Linkin Park to R&B artist Gary Clark Jr, Maddocks’ mixed media fingerprints are arguably as iconic as the songs themselves.