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The Future of Music

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We wanted to create a publication about what we believe is the future of the music industry. We are excited about the future and believe that today, more than ever, it is possible to work on projects you love while growing a profitable business.

We called our magazine Skyn8 (short for Skynet in reference to the movie Terminator) because, in a world where almost anything can be done with machines, we wanted to focus on the aspects of music that had to be done by Humans.

We are seeing a New Generation of Artists, Bands & Companies with new approaches to Branding (Storytelling, Creative Direction), Fan Engagement (Data, Marketing, Social) & Business Models. 

This publication is powered by Massive Rocket (London-based Digital Growth Agency) because we love music, artists, bands and music companies.

Get in touch:  thierry@skyn8.com