2022 May

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26 May: Insights: The Future of music (Vol 1)

Skyn8 interviewed musicians, DJs, record producers and independent business owners to get their thoughts on the ever changing landscape of the world of music. As “fan first” approaches are becoming more popular, with TikTok acting as a career launchpad and data becoming more prevalent to musicians & artists, another plate is being added to the multiple spinning plates that independent artists are already spinning.

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19 May: Designing the Future of Alternative Music for 20 Years with Frank Maddocks

nk Maddocks’ art work is a flowing river of photography, textures and illustrations running through the alternative scene of the early 2000s and is still moving with a strong current to this day. From the incredible White Pony by Deftones, the phenomenal debut album Hybrid Theory by Linkin Park to R&B artist Gary Clark Jr, Maddocks’ mixed media fingerprints are arguably as iconic as the songs themselves.

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05 May: Using Your Phone as an Instrument With Classic Virgo

In February, Max Edermaniger released his debut self-titled EP under the name Classic Virgo. Classic Virgo appears like a 180 musically to his past project Max William with synths replacing guitars but he himself would say it’s a truer creative form to his personality. The self-titled record contains four tracks written on late night dog walks, nap times and mundane work days all composed on his smartphone. Max talked about evolving his sound and shared his advice and thoughts on writing electronic music.